Who has the best expertise to answer your questions?

When you engage Clemens Westreicher to develop sustainable solutions you benefit from his network of experienced practitioners and experts.

The team is determined by your challenge: Depending on the your challenge Mr Westreicher brings together the right team. However, Clemens Westreicher remains your main contact and coordinates all others involved.

Confidence comes as slow as a snail and gallops off like a racehorse

Confidentiality is my highest guiding principle and an essential part of my success. References will be given upon request and upon approval of my clients.

What do people say about me to whom I provide advise?

“Thank you for your sensitive moderation of our workshop. We have made a very big step forward even though we couldn’t talk to each other a short time ago!”


“In the beginning it was difficult for all of us to accept the value of our hotel. For us the value was much too low. Finally, we accepted it. All our children are happy with their inheritance share. “


“Our daughter informs us on a regular basis how much she appreciates your coaching. We are glad that we took this decision.”


“Since we do have less problems within our family business we are a family again. This means for instance that we do have lunch together again.”


My wife and I appreciate it very much that you consider the senior generation as well as the junior generation likewise.”